Our menu can change daily and sometimes not at all, so this menu may or may not be what we serve tonight!

We source local grown & organic produce when available,
And make every attempt to source meat, Poultry, and fish, from farms, ranches, and fisheries that uses sustainable practices

Cobia Crudo Preserved lemon, basil, E.V.O.O. $10

Conch Salad Citrus & fresh vegetables, mango syrup, black salt $10

Shrimp Ceviche Mango, avocado, tomato, red Hawaiian salt $9


Local Farm Salad
Osceola Organic greens, white asparagus, heart of palm, 5 minute local farm egg, Benton’s bacon, cider-dijon dressing $9

Roasted Beet
Goat cheese cream, candied walnuts, arugula $9

Mango Braised Heart of Palm Salad
Seared shrimp, mango, strawberry, blueberry,
macadamia nuts, passion-lime dressing $12

Grilled Romaine
Ginger infused Caeser dressing, grated romano $6

Fried Spinach
Romano cheese, house-made seasoning $5

Sesame Seared Edamame
Miso butter & pistachios $5

Day Boat Scallop
Panko & jerk-spiced crusted, mango salsa,
creamy garlic sauce, raspberry coulis $10

Shrimp & Grits
Seared shrimp, mascarpone Polenta,
Benton’s bacon, local farm egg $10

Bok Choy & Edamame
Bacon seared with miso & shiitake mushroom $5

Shayna’s Chicken & Waffles
Honey wheat waffle, crispy fried boneless chicken thigh, 
pineapple daikon slaw, organic maple syrup

Roasted Kissimmee Green Patty Pan Squash
Hen of the woods mushroom stuffing, roasted florida corn, basil, 
chili lime aioli $6

Harvest Moon Royal Burgundy Beans
Bacon seared, bourbon & thyme roasted peaches, frisee, almonds $5

Fish Ribs
Ginger-garlic marinade, soy lime ginger dipping sauce $10

Fish Taco
Pico di gallo, napa cabbage, cilantro cream,
cheddar cheese $6 each

Pork Sliders
Stout braise, tangy pineapple slaw $10

Roasted James River Virginia Oysters
Crab, garlic, & herb stuffed, creamy garlic sauce $3 each

Day Boat Scallop
Panko & jerk-spiced crusted, mango salsa, creamy garlic sauce, raspberry coulis, island style sweet potato mash $27

Pistachio Crusted Yellowfin Tuna
Edamame & miso puree, pineapple-daikon slaw, bok choy, yuzu aioli,
Forbidden black rice, soy-lime-ginger glaze $26

Cornmeal & Herb Seared Golden Tile
Mascarpone & parmesan polenta, arugula, roasted tomato,
shiitake mushrooms, cabernet reduction $26

Tortilla Crusted Cobia
Papaya-crab salsa, meyer lemon beurre blanc, asparagus,
roasted tomato, black quinoa $26

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Crusted Red Grouper
Salad of roasted Florida corn, Kissimee Green zucchini & 
endive frisee, roasted Florida peaches, chili lime aioli, 
hen of the woods mushrooms $25

Roasted Organic Chicken
Cuban adobo, mango salsa, grapefruit glaze,
Island style sweet potato mash, Kissimmee greens endive frisee $20

Grilled Wagyu Hangar Steak
Blue cheese white truffle Yukon gold mash, harvest moon 
Kentucky wonder beans & cherries, almonds, port & fig reduction, 
roasted heirloom tomato puree $29

Featured Local Farms
Kissimmee Green, Harvest Moon, Osceola Organics, 
Netherby Acres-A.K.A. (our house)

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